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In this category you will read everything about Energy Efficiency best practices, including know-how and specific solutions for solving concrete problems.

HR Department’s Role in an Energy Awareness Program

When implementing an energy awareness program, it’s always advisable to keep in mind all factors. After setting our goals we must create methods and allies who will help us reach them. One of the best allies and the most important are human resources.  […]

By | July 16th, 2016|Best Practices|0 Comments

How internal PR can improve Energy Awareness

How to further improve energy awareness? Many companies tend to focus their PR outwards, towards customers and the public in general. Meaning: public in general, customers, etc. Nevertheless, it’s always important to remember the key role that PR also plays inside the company. When concerning energy efficiency, internal PR comes as a very useful resource. […]

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“I Forgot the Lights On”: Importance of Energy Awareness

In this post we’ll talk more about the importance of Energy Awareness and why encouraging staff or inhabitants works best. When it comes to energy saving practices, there are plenty of resources which are always beneficial, but we should never forget that one of the most important aspects about energy management is the building’s occupant’s habits and that they are actually our best allies. […]

By | June 30th, 2016|Best Practices|0 Comments
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