20 years ago I first started my career selling low and medium voltage equipment. Besides that, I was also responsible for finding new suppliers to broaden our product range. This position required me to travel all over Europe. I met many leaders from the energy industry with whom I formed personal connections so that today I have a very wide social network within the energy sector.

After a few years different opportunities arose from my day-to-day communication with hundreds of colleagues, attending conferences, etc. The biggest change in my professional life was managing projects for connecting buildings to the power grid. I was head project manager for many big shopping malls, apartment buildings, industrial parks, etc. To be able to do this, I had to learn various new skills many of which were not technical but more people-orientated.

These new projects gave me an opportunity to expand my social network outside of the energy industry, meeting with people from all sorts of business areas.

Currently, there are two major projects that I am working on and where I see myself in the future. The first one is low voltage power quality analysis as part of smart grids and the other one is outsourced energy management.
Both are unique products resulting from my know-how.

Apart from these two products, I am also involved in:
– renewable energy
– electric transportation
– smart-city projects

My work is mostly managing projects and people, and tapping into my social network to make new business models and change the way energy production and consumption is treated by companies.

My goal is to expand and grow my knowledge every single day. To achieve that, I keep up with innovation and changes within the energy industry that are constantly happening.
I am always researching and developing new ways and methods to be able to offer my clients the service they expect from me.