When implementing an energy awareness program, it’s always advisable to keep in mind all factors. After setting our goals we must create methods and allies who will help us reach them. One of the best allies and the most important are human resources

There’s a saying that, in order to prevent an old house to go to ruin, the best way is to live in it. Well, in our case, something similar happens. Human resources are the people who constantly use the building and make their habits within it. Therefore, we must guarantee that these energy consuming habits are as appropriate as possible.

Human Resources (HR) is concerned with the issues of managing people in the organization and is responsible for many people-related aspects of it. In order to boost human resources potential, the HD department develops ways to achieve energy awareness and beneficial energy habits for the company. They are the ones who know their personnel best.

The forward-thinking human resource department is devoted to providing effective policies, procedures, and people-friendly guidelines and support within companies. 

Additionally, the human resource functions serve to make sure that the factors that keep the company and its programs guided toward success are optimized.

Good example: Prizes for the employees

One of the HR functions is setting reward structures and evaluating competitive energy practices:

One example I personally know is when rules are made to follow an energy program. Prizes are given to those who accomplish a better performance. Such prizes can be monetary or prestige such as naming an employee of the month for energy efficiency. In the case I work on, they give one extra day off to all employees in the shopping centre which performed best in energy efficiency during a whole year.

Excellent way of rewarding: not a terrible loss for the company but a huge prize for people! On the other hand, when someone is doing something against such rules, the HR department can implement sanctions. This way we ensure we are encouraging the proper conducts in favor of energy efficiency.

The HR department’s role of service makes it an information provider to raise energy awareness, implement Energy Awareness Program and inform departments and functional areas on changes in the energy efficiency program, as well as how well it’s working for everyone. Many HR departments also provide training to both new and regular employees in order to achieve the energy goals set in the company’s program.

Energy Awareness Program and internal PR

In this post you can read more about useful tools, we can use to improve internal PR concerning implementation of energy awareness program.