How to further improve energy awareness? Many companies tend to focus their PR outwards, towards customers and the public in general. Meaning: public in general, customers, etc. Nevertheless, it’s always important to remember the key role that PR also plays inside the company. When concerning energy efficiency, internal PR comes as a very useful resource.

In general terms, Public Relations (PR) facilitate strategic communication within the organization. Here are 5 Simple Steps to Better Internal PR. Applied to an energy awareness program, effective PR ensures that people are committed to achieving ground-breaking energy efficiency results by raising awareness of the issue and helping improve energy saving practices.

Good internal PR = Putting everyone in the same channel

Constant communication is always essential. People appreciate what they are told in confidence, especially if it’s about a subject that concerns them directly.

Employees, workers, managers and other people inside the company are our best allies. And we should let them know that.

Transparency of facts, costs and opportunities for energy savings are the kind of information we can use so that people can grow awareness, just as well as what goals the company has set and wants to achieve. We share this to show why it’s important.

Everybody can (and should know how to) help. In order for them to actually do something about it, there can be rewards and merits so that everybody can appreciate the efforts and practices that are being done in order to improve energy awareness.

Improve energy awareness with tools

Here are some useful tools we can use to improve internal PR concerning energy efficiency and a good way to improve energy awareness:

  • Editorial content such as blog posts and “how to” articles. 

These help amplify positive growth around the company and keep people informed about how their practices do make a difference.

  • Posters and facts. 

In order to remind people why energy efficiency is important, it’s helpful to show actual facts that they know about very well. It could be something ordinary employees use every day, like lighting.

  • Highlight their accomplishments. 

Awarding titles like “Best Energy Saving Department”, for example, is a good idea.

  • Encourage new energy saving ideas. 

“Users know best” and that’s why treating initiatives happening around the company as important breaking news actually includes them in the whole process.

Permanent communication is the key

Communication should continue permanently by giving messages at certain intervals. We in fact perfect the PR process when we adjust the messages according to what is and what isn’t working.

At the end of the day, when everyone is properly informed, they can relate to the primary objective and perform energy efficiency practices for the good of the company and themselves.