In a previous post, we were talking about layers of energy efficiency software. And here comes another layer of software which is more on the outside of the process. Business Intelligence Software is the analytical tool that comes after collecting data. Business Intelligence Software or BI Software is designed to be user-friendly.

BI software helps organizations organize and analyze data to make better decisions. This could include internal data from company departments as well as from external sources, such as marketing data services, social media channels or even macroeconomic information.

After data is sent to the service center by SCADA software, data is processed, evaluated and automatically made available to the appropriate users based on their needs. Then it must be properly analyzed. Services often range from simple evaluations to detailed analyses including savings potential and benchmarks. (If you want to know more about Big Data, read it here.)

The issue at the moment isn’t so much getting new data but rather making sense of it. In order to fully understand how things are working, big data must be analyzed. This provides insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves.

KPIs provide better perspective

We must decide which formulas to use in order to generate KPIs. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. These are determined in order to provide a better perspective on the process and help to elaborate reports.

The evaluation of KPIs over time contributes both to avoiding inefficient operating states and to increasing the availability of units because damage is often indicated early on by a corresponding increase in energy consumption.

They also help with the analysis, reporting and alarming. After developing a KPI, we ask the server to check things periodically and if the result is more or less than the expected outcome, it gives an alarm. Some aspects can be checked online every 15 minutes or hourly. Depending on which KPI is set, servers check the process at regular intervals and when necessary.

After obtaining reports, we need to show information. A user interface is made especially for clients, managers, etc. It does not show every bit of the process for that same reason, so it can be as understandable as possible. It’s pre-programmed so people can log-in to see specific data and consult the information they want to know.


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